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Sperm donation in recent years has become a very popular method of conception for couples and single parents alike. Sperm donation have be utilized in two different ways, donor insemination or in-vitro fertilization, however no matter which route you choose both parties should seek counsel on the legal and psychological aspects of these treatments.
Using couples can choose either a known or anonymous sperm donor to go down the artificial insemination route. As the name may suggest, anonymous donors keep their identities hidden and do not wish to have any involvement in the upbringing of the child, or for the parents to contact them in the future. Known donors work in the exact opposite way, enabling parents to get to know them, and they may wish to have some contact with the child.

sperm donation allows prospective parents and sperm donors to utilise the website like any other social networking site, allowing you to directly interact with each other and take the time that you need to find the right donor for you. There is even a separate sperm donor forum which allows you, whether you want to donate or you are wishing to find a sperm donor, to search or post your requirements and characteristics. This way you can meet your ideal donor in a quick and easy manner.

How does donating sperm online work?

Donating sperm online is a very different process from donating sperm at a sperm bank. We help people find free sperm donations online. In this case, should you wish to donate your sperm to a couple or single mother wishing to become a parent, you can utilise the forum to advertise that you want to help. You can also respond to prospective co-parents’ advertised requirements and offer them your services.
Should you wish to keep your identity anonymous when donating sperm, you will need to nominate a third party to facilitate the donation without making yourself known to the parents. This could be done by donating your sperm at a clinic which the mother will then visit in order to be inseminated with your sperm.

Sperm Donation Requirements

Before you agree to donate sperm there are certain responsibilities which you should adhere to. If you haven’t already had children of your own, it would be wise to undertake a fertility test to ensure that you are able to help a woman to get pregnant, and at the same time it is also advisable to carry out a test for sexually transmitted infections, the results of which you can present to the mother to give her peace of mind.
The parents will also have certain questions which they wish to ask you, the majority of which can be found here.

Free Sperm Donations

Donating and receiving sperm donations online is certainly the preferable option in terms of cost, as sperm bank charges can be surprising. Finding your donor through is completely free and will also give you the chance to get to know your donor, should both parties wish to, which a sperm bank will not allow you to do.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sperm Donations

Why do people choose to donate sperm?

Most donors choose to carry out sperm donation because they have a desire to help an infertile couple to have a child of their own. The knowledge that they are helping somebody to achieve their dream of bringing new life into the world is often all that they need to drive them to donate.

What is the best way of finding a sperm donor?

The best way is a matter of opinion, and we think that when you are making such a crucial decision as to who to choose for your sperm donor you should be as informed as possible. That’s why at we offer prospective parents and donors the opportunity to get to know each other through our forum and private messages before meeting in person.

How much information should a sperm donor divulge?

As much as possible! Whether you want to remain anonymous or become a ‘known’ sperm donor, the prospective parents have the right to know the details of the donor’s medical history, and that of his family. Parents also often want to know details about the donor’s fertility, any history of STIs and some details of personality, physical characteristics, and possible also values and beliefs. More information on donor questions can be found here.

What is the difference between a sperm donor and a co-parent?

A sperm donor generally doesn’t have responsibility for the child, and will waive his legal parenting rights once the child is born. On the other hand, a co-parent will share the upbringing of the child, if not equally, then to some proportion. A sperm donor has the option of being involved in the child’s life to some extent, but they will not be a parent unless explicitly agreed between all parties.


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