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by Spkhuntr » 14 Oct 2020

Have you found the donor you’ve been looking for?
I had my swimmers tested... just to be sure they are good to go. (and yes they are). (and I have 1 child)

I'm healthy, fit, adventurous, financially secure, no allergies, or genetic disease.
(and an all around good person.. that doesn't drink smoke or do drugs)

I'm living life for all its worth! (and could be available if needed, or wanted when raising a child... or not.. it would be your call)

I have a deep desire the Help out a single person or couple to become parent(s).

If you’d like to know more about me feel free to reach out.


by Egg2htch » 20 Oct 2020

We are interested! Plz check out our profile and contact if you would like to discuss more.

Thanks in advance!

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